Till now, to view DRM-Controlled content in the Firefox browser, you need to have Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe Flash Plugin installed, which no longer required as Mozilla has enabled DRM support by integrating Adobe Primetime Content Decryption Module. If you don’t know, Chrome browser offers Widevine Content Decryption Module, which enables Widevine licenses for playback of HTML audio/video content.

In Firefox 38 (currently in beta. UPDATE: Mozilla has released Firefox 38 with DRM Support), you can see the ‘Play DRM Content’ setting enabled in ‘Options’ under ‘Content’ section. This means, you can watch protected videos in the Firefox browser.

DRM support enabeld in Firefox 38

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When you launch Firefox after starting the computer or installing the update, you’ll notice a zip file with a name primetime_gmp_win_x86_beta_xxxx downloaded to your computer by Firefox.

Firefox does this automatically, when you visit Plugins in Add-ons section, you’ll see a message ‘Primetime content Decryption Module Provided by Adobe Systems, Incorporated will be installed shortly.’, it has stayed that since long time, which is another reason to disable or remove the Adobe Primetime Plugin.

Adobe Primtetime CDM Plugin in add-ons

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Uninstall or Remove Adobe Primetime Decryption Module Plugin from Firefox

1. Visit about:config and change below preferences values to ‘false‘ from ‘true’.



2. Restart the browser, now when you visit Plugins in add-ons manager, you can notice Adobe’s Primetime Content Decryption Module shows its status as disabled.

3. To uninstall or remove Primetime CDM plugin, click on menu, select options > Content > remove tick mark for ‘Play DRM Content’.

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Note: Currently, Adobe Primetime is only available for 32-bit version of Windows Vista and above.