Don’t like the new bookmarking interface introduced by Google with Chrome 42 version? You can change that to the old one (classic) easily through a flag, but we can’t guarantee it will stay for a long period of time.

Chrome’s new bookmark manager: what’s new

According to Google

  • The Chrome clipper (box when you click the star) will intelligently suggest a folder for your bookmark when you save it
  • Search inside the Bookmarks Manager will now search the full text of bookmarked pages if you are signed in to Chrome Sync
  • Autofolders collect related bookmarks together without you having to do any work
    The “Share this folder” button allows you to share folders of bookmarks with your friends
  • List view, we’ve listened to your feedback and have added back list view

Recent Bookmarks for Chrome displays recently bookmarked pages

Reasons to hate

  • It takes time to load, and the bookmark manager too doesn’t open quickly when compared with the old one.
  • Sorting bookmarks alphabetically is not possible.
  • Bookmark Manager extension continues to run in the background, open the Task Manager using Shift+Esc on Windows to see that.
  • Adding a bookmark to a particular folder is difficult.

Note: You may still see old bookmark manager with the new stars when you’ve more than 5,000 bookmarks, it’s a known issue and Google is working to fix it.

If you accept this change and ok it, no problem, if not, go ahead, follow the instructions below to get the old bookmark manager back in Chrome.

Google Integrates new Bookmark Manager into Chrome Beta

Getting back to Chrome’s Old-style bookmarking behavior and manager

1. Visit chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment link or if the link is not working, visit chrome://flags, find ‘Enable Enhanced Bookmarks’

2. Choose ‘Disabled’ from the drop-down, click on ‘Relaunch now’ button

3. Try to bookmark a new page or edit the already bookmarked one, you’ll see the old menu. You can open and see old bookmark manager by using Ctrl+Shift+O in Windows.

Why users are complaining? Head over to this page to know.

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