On Monday, a weekly snapshot based on Chromium 41 has been released for Vivaldi browser with auto-updater included for Windows (32-bit) to check and notify you when new builds are available, though this is not working properly right now, you can still manually check for updates for Vivaldi from the Help menu. New snapshot Vivaldi released yesterday brings new features.

MUST READ: How to install Extensions in Vivaldi from the Chrome Web Store

Tab Stack Tiling

You can now view pages in a tab stack side by side, for this, right click on a tab stack and select ‘Tile Tab Stack’. To undo it, right click and select, ‘Untile tab stack’.

Vivaldi Tab Stack tiling in action

If you’ve set Vivaldi to not to show images or show only cached images in Settings, then plugins will load on demand in tabs.

First Snapshot for Vivaldi Browser is available

For more information and the complete changelog, check this blog post (you can also download the latest build for Windows, Mac and Linux from this page).