According to Firefox 37 version release notes, which is currently in beta, Mozilla has included a feedback feature called Heartbeat, it is a user rating system, with which, every day the browser may display a rating widget to a random subset of users (you may or may not get this).

Heartbeat rating widget in Firefox

” After rating Firefox, an ENGAGEMENT page may open in a background tab.
We can increase engagement with high-rating users by offering a set of links that can help make Firefox even more awesome
We can fulfill our brand promise by helping low-rating users improve their experience and find support when needed”

user engagement page

What is heartbeat?

According to Heartbeat wiki page, it is user voice in Firefox and “provides real-time understanding of our existing Desktop user population, allowing us to pivot more quickly based on the needs and desires of our users. Heartbeat ties user perception to technical information so we can take your feedback and feed that into future Firefox releases.”

This well could be more useful to Mozilla to improve their Firefox browser future versions, but definitely not to the users, if you don’t want it to appear to you, you can disable it, here is how.

USEFUL TIP: Use Ctrl+Shift+N Shortcut to reopen last Closed Window in Firefox and IE browsers

Disabling Heartbeat feedback feature in Firefox 37

1. Visit about:config in the browser

2. Set browser.selfsupport.url to “”,

Note: To restore the preference value to default, right click on it and select ‘Reset’, which changes the value to

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What’s your take on this?