On Windows 10, if you’ve ran CCleaner, then you’ll notice an icon in the notification area alerting you on hover over with a message:  ‘PC status: Potentially unprotected’, when you click on it, Windows Defender opens and shows the same message with the information ‘You haven’t run a scan on your PC for a while. This could put your PC at risk’.

Windows 10 tray icon saying PC status is potentially unprotected

This icon in the system tray nags you and won’t go away until you perform a scan, temporary solution then would be to do a Quick scan, after that, to don’t get it in the future again, you’ve to do this.

In Windows 10, Fix Windows Defender’s PC status is Potentially unprotected warning

Open CCleaner , click on ‘Applications’ tab, scroll down to ‘Utilities’ and untick or remove tick mark for ‘Windows Defender’ (check the screenshot below). That’s it! You won’t get this notification error in the future.

Windows Defender entry in CCleaner Applications tab

What happened here is CCleaner has deleted the scan logs of Windows defender, as a result, Microsoft built-in antivirus thinks you have not performed a scan since long time and triggers that warning.

Have you experienced this?How you’ve solved it then?

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