Google ports ‘answers in suggest’ feature in Android to desktop Chrome. Omnibox, a combination of the address bar and search box is turning to be more useful for Chrome users, Chromium team is currently testing showing answers to certain type of queries right in the Omnibox without pressing the enter button on the keyboard.

UPDATE: This feature is now included in Chrome 45.

You can try this in dev. or canary by enabling Answers in Suggest flag, which, when enabled, ‘responses to certain types of queries will appear directly in the Omnibox suggestion list‘. Try yourself for knowing the capital of a country or to weather in a city.

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Chrome Answers in Suggest

Answers in Suggest icon downloading

Some answers in suggest results have an associated icon, for example the weather may show a sunny or cloudy-skies image.

This change will download the associated icon and display it in the answer suggested.

Chrome showing answer to a query directly in the ominibox

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