Chrome dev version not working on Windows. Chrome dev version on Windows has received an update on 10th of this month, after installing that update, Chrome has stopped working, it doesn’t load any pages, even its internal settings page to clear the cache, you can use third-party tool like CCleaner for that, but that also doesn’t help.

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Running Chrome without sandbox is not recommended

Chrome is working fine when you run it with –no-sandbox switch, but it is not recommended as browser it-self warns on top with a notification that ‘security and stability will suffer’.

But at present, this workaround is only working, trying the Windows compatibility mode not helping for any Windows version.

Instead of using Canary, switch to beta then.

Fix: Chrome.exe – System Error “ The Program can’t start because asan_rtl.dll is missing ..”

Are you affected? Can you suggest any workaround to make Chrome dev version to function without disabling the Sandbox?

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