Firefox on Mobile has it, desktop version will get it, Reader mode for Chrome on desktop is on the way. If you’re using Chrome on mobile, there is a flag available to turn the reader mode on, you can now also test Reader mode for desktop Chrome by running it with a switch –enable-dom-distiller, after that, visit any article and select ‘Distill page’ on the Chrome menu to view or read the page without any clutter. You need to click on ‘View Original’ at the bottom of the page to revert to the original page.

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Try Reader Mode in Desktop Chrome

Dom Distiller, a new project from Chromium team aims to provide a better reading experience by distilling the content of the page.

distilled page contents Chrome desktop

You can also visit this chrome://dom-distiller/ internal debug page, and add the URL of any page and click on ‘view’ without need to select the menu item.

iReader extension brings Safari Reader like feature to Chrome

You can run the switch with any version of Chrome, irrespective of stable, dev or beta, it works. After launching the browser with the switch, ensure chrome://version/ page shows about it in the command line.

Head over to Dom Distiller page for more information.

Source: Francois beaufort