A bug in KB3035129 made Windows Update in build 9926 to show newer builds even when they’re not available and are internal to Microsoft, following, users greeted with 0x80246017 error, we’ve covered about that, yesterday Microsoft has released an update KB3036140 also called as ‘Windows 10 Technical Preview Update Rollup: February 4, 2015’ to fix that, this update offers a lot of fixes and improvements for Windows 10 build 9926, below are they in detail.

KB3036140 update for Windows 10 build 9926

XBOX Live-enabled games that require sign-in do not launch, and incorrectly display the message, “To use this app, you need to sign in with the Microsoft account that was used to download it.”
The Start Menu fails to launch shortly after install
The shortcut for the new Store (Beta) does not appear on the taskbar
The user remains at the “Please Wait” screen when attempting to sign in with a Smart Card connected
Virtual machines (VMs) lose connectivity to virtual hard drives (VHDs)
Users receive Error 0x8E5E05E2 when installing apps
The system stops responding when installing apps from the Store
There is a delay when opening a new tab in Internet Explorer
The system fails to resume from sleep when connected to multiple monitors with some graphics drivers
The user is presented with the incorrect End-User License Agreement (EULA) during upgrade
The Settings app incorrectly reports that new builds are available, which return error 0x80246017 when attempting to download
The screen doesn’t properly refresh after rotating between portrait and landscape
Creating a virtual machine or bringing a HyperV host under management results in error 0x80200065 – “The transfer was paused because the computer is in power-saving mode. The transfer will resume when the computer wakes up.”
Windows Remote Desktop Client crashes when playing video or displaying fast moving images in a remote session
Reliability improvements for virtual machine live migrations
Reliability improvements to prevent some system crashes
Reliability improvements to prevent possible data corruption
Increased power efficiency to extend battery life

Open the Settings app > Update & recovery and click on ‘check for updates’ to install it.

KB3036140 update brings lot of fixes to build 9926

We’ve already fixed the 0x80246017 error on our system by altering registry settings- check the instructions and video for that here– so we can’t confirm whether this update actually does that, if it can’t, please follow the above link or wait till Microsoft knows about it and releases another patch.

Link: KB3036140

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