Few days back, former Opera co-founder has launched Technical preview of Vivaldi browser (available for Windows, Mac and Linux) for power users. First snapshot for Vivaldi is now available to download, browser vendor has plans to replace Technical Preview on Vivaldi homepage with this build. The company to release a snapshot every week.

You need to manually download and install this snapshot over TP as the auto-update mechanism has not yet been implemented in the browser.

Vivaldi snapshot download links



Linux Deb

Linux RPM

Here are the changes in this build:

  • Fixed a bad performance issue that made Vivaldi slow down on some systems
  • Added CTRL+ENTER in urlfield prefills www and .com
  • Added tab-history to back and forward button, available via long click (will be tuned more)
  • Added possibility to reopen closed windows
  • Fixed so Settings window would not hijack the session
  • Fixed some horrible shortcut bugs appearing in forms/iframes
  • Fixed a issue on Linux where everything appeared black


For more information and full changelog, check this blog post.

This browser is based on Chromium, uses blink engine offers features existed in old Opera such as tab stacking, side panel to access bookmarks, Mail , contacts, Downloads and Notes. It offers the following new features

  • Bookmarks and history are accessible via speed dial
  • Allows to create multiple Speed dials
  • Quick commands menu shows settings, history, open tabs, bookmarks with a single keyboard shortcut that is Ctrl +Q, you can also open them using File > Tools> Quick Commands.
  • Shows indicator for audio playing tabs, new Opera does this too.

What’s your take on Vivaldi? Share your thoughts on this new browser with us in the comments.