We’ve already an extension available to know which add-on is using more memory, how about knowing how much memory each tab is using in Firefox? New Tab Data add-on (works with Firefox 30.0 and later) shows memory usage for a tab in its title, useful enough to know which tab is using more system resources and you can close it to free up that memory. It also lets you know how many tabs you’ve opened, click on its icon on the navigation toolbar and on “Counts’ tab to see that.

Memory Restart, allows to Restart Firefox if It’s Memory Usage is too High

How it works?

‘This add-on uses the nsIMemoryReporterManager interface to extract memory statistics from Firefox, specifically the getReports() method’ … you can know more information on what happens behind the scenes here on the add-on page.

Firefox tab memory usage in title

FYI, memory data collection happens for every 10 seconds, which you can change by visiting the add-on settings.

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Tab Data add-on features

  • How many tabs are currently open
  • How many tabs have been opened during this Firefox session
  • How many tabs have been opened since add-on installed
  • Display tab memory usage in title
  • Preference to toggle tab memory usage on/off
  • Preference to set interval between memory usage collection
  • Perform a garbage collection

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Link: Tab Data Firefox add-on

What’s your take on this add-on? Have you found it useful?