Till now if you try to share a folder from within the Dropbox folder on Windows, you’ll be redirected the Dropbox website and the Share dialog then appears, this might change in future, if you install new experimental build 3.3.34, a ‘native dialog will appear to create shared folders and change their settings’.

Dropbox offers Share button for their web interface

Dropbox on Windows Shows Shared Folder Dialogs Natively

Recently Dropbox has added the ability for the files on its website (for signed-in users) to open in native applications on Windows, now this development has taken place.

Dropbox share folder dialog Windows

Other changes in the 3.3 series:

  • Mac – performance upgrade for UI
  • Faster rename detection

Dropbox adds File Identifiers and Long Path Support for files in Windows

Dropbox on Windows with native shared folder dialogs, what do you think about this change?