Google has added ‘Add to taskbar’ in place of Create Application Shortcuts on the More Tools submenu in the Chrome menu. Visiting a website and selecting add to taskbar adds a shortcut to that website to the taskbar and apps page.

Previously, Create application shortcuts menu item lets you add a shortcut to a website to the desktop and taskbar. Currently, you can spot this change in the Canary and dev. versions of Chrome.

Add to taskbar Chrome menu

Where is Chrome’s Create application shortcuts option in the menu?

Experimental Chrome App Launcher in making Looks similar to Current New Tab Page

Yes! Create application shortcuts option on ‘More Tools’ has been replaced with ‘add to taskbar’, which appears grayed out for New tab and Chrome internal pages.

You can still able to create application shortcuts for apps that are installed from the Web Store by visiting Chrome://apps page or clicking on the ‘apps’ icon on the bookmarks bar.

How to add removed Chrome App Launcher to Taskbar?