Avast 2015 R2, upcoming version of Avast (currently at the release candidate stage) comes with redesigned Online Security Plugin Chrome extension. The AOS GUI and warnings have got a fresh coat of paint, Do Not Track, which ‘detects and blocks unwanted advertising and prevents analytics sites from secretly tracking you’ is enabled by default. The number in the extension icon now indicates active trackers only.

Avast Online Security Plugin Chrome new UI

How to Uninstall or Remove Avast Online Security Plugin from Firefox, Chrome and IE browsers at Once?

Avast Online Security Plugin Chrome extension now available with a  new design

You can set Allow/Block for tracker categories – any new tracker will respect the category setting.

Voting buttons are now more visible

The extension remembers your rating and displays it in the GUI

You can install this extension in Chrome browser without needing to install Avast by visiting this link in the Web Store.

Avast 2015 R2 beta adds Windows 10 Support and integrates Browser Cleanup into the UI

Via [Avast forum]