Whenever you open File Explorer, by default, it opens Quick Access and shows favorites, frequent folders and Recent Files, this happens in the Windows 10 final version too We’ve covered how to hide them from happening.

Microsoft has heard the user feedback and added an option to ‘Folders Options’ dialog for File Explorer to open ‘This PC’ as default folder instead of ‘Quick Access’ ((Home name in the previous builds has been renamed to Quick Access), with which, we usually and still get the those folders even in the current Windows 10 Preview build 9926.

Set File Explorer to open ‘This PC’ folder

So when you click on File Explorer on the taskbar or used the shortcut Win + E and want to see This PC folder to open, which shows Folders -Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos- and ‘Devices and Drives’, then

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Open File Explorer , click on View > Options to open Folder Options, under General tab, choose action as ‘This PC‘ for ‘Open File Explorer to:’ and click OK to apply the changes.

Windows 10 General tab in Folder Options dialog

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