UBlock, a light-weight Ad-blocker that isn’t CPU and memory intensive like AdBlock Plus has its first version officially available for Firefox in Beta on GitHub. You can soon expect this to appear on AMO. At present, you need to download and save the add-on to computer and need to drag and drop uBlock.firefox.xpi file to Firefox browser for install.

UPDATE: Ublock now available on Mozilla add-ons site

Download Official Ublock add-on for Firefox

Known issues:

For many resources the Firefox version will report double hits on the badge of the toolbar button or in the network log. This is a Firefox thing, and probably this issue is related.

The badge doesn’t look good on different systems

The badge number disappears when navigating through bfcache.

Pop-up blocking is not thoroughly tested

beta version of ublock installed in Firefox

For more details, check the release notes.

Adblock Plus vs. ublock

When compared with the most popular ABP, this add-on uses same filter lists to block ads and it doesn’t slow your system down. If you’re looking for a good alternative to ABP, you should be using uBlock on Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers.

Update: Please download the latest version by visiting the releases page link, you’ll benefit from the latest version which comes with improvements and fixes to bugs. We’ve updated the download link to the latest one.

Download ublock for Firefox

Check Ublock Origin from the original author of Ublock.

Note: Please consider supporting us by disabling ublock or whitelisting this site, thank you.