Opera 28 developer has got another update, version 28.0.1745.0 has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux, and is available to download. This update has added most useful Tab Audio Indicator flag (available for Windows and Linux), which, when enabled, shows audio indicator- equalizer icon- for each music playing tab. Chrome has already enabled that feature by default and it also now lets you mute audio playing tabs (which is behind a flag).

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Enabling Audio Indicator for tabs in Opera 28

1. Visit opera://flags page

2. Find Tab Audio Indicator flag, choose ‘Enabled’ option and restart the browser.

Visit any site and try to play a video, you can notice a sound notification icon on tab in action, check the screenshot below.

audio indicator for music playing tab in Opera 28

Opera 28 developer receives first Update in the New Year

Other changes

1. Opera now shows suggestions for bookmarks in the address bar drop down.

2. New ‘Remove’ button in the bookmark popup:  When you bookmark a page, newly added remove button appears in the bookmark popup. But you need to click on it twice to delete a bookmark.

Let me explain, when you click on the heart button first time for a bookmarked page, popup shows the remove button, which when you click sends it to trash, you need to click on the heart icon again and then on the remove button in the popup to delete it. Opera desktop team says they’ll fix that.

Remove button in the bookmark popup

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3. Few new themes added to the bundled or default themes, which you can check by visiting opera://themes page.

Download Opera 28.0.1745.0