Mozilla now has enabled new preferences design for Firefox 36 beta users – it will be only available for the first half of the beta cycle for the users to test. Few bugs still need to be fixed for the feature to land on the stable channel.

Mozilla user experience team’s major goal is to eliminate pop-up management windows in favor of in-content design, UX team is transitioning Firefox preferences functionality from a separate window into the content area. In-content Preferences has been landed on Firefox 15, but still not yet shipped.

Firefox 36 beta with in-content preferences

Mozilla makes the In-Content Preferences default in Firefox Nightly

Firefox 36 beta

To see the new preferences, click on Firefox menu and select ‘Options’ or visit about:preferences page in the browser.

If you visit Stream websites with ‘Enhanced Stream ‘extension installed, Firefox browser may crash, it’s a known issue, check this bug 117873 for more details.

Mozilla adds ‘Enable E10s’ Option to Nightly Preferences

For more changes and new features in Firefox 36, visit this release notes page.

Disabling in-content preferences and getting back to windowed-style

If you want to see Preferences in a window (old style) rather than in the content area of the browser, then you’ve to toggle browser.preferences.inContent preference value to ‘false’ by visiting about:config url in the browser.