There are reasons for people to use Firefox portable: You can take it anywhere and use without saving any data to that computer you’re browsing from. If your favorite extensions don’t work with newer versions of Firefox, instead of downgrading to an older one (which is not recommended), you can use portable Firefox edition of that version.

Improving Firefox Portable Speed with SpeedyFox

When you install Firefox newly, it feels fast and responsive, as you install extensions and use the browser regularly, SQLite databases which the browser and extensions store settings to grow larger, which results in slow browsing experience.

Firefox Plumber (Now Firemin) Eliminates Firefox Memory Leaks

SpeedyFox compacts these databases and makes Firefox to load and run faster than before, you’ll definitely notice the difference after running this tool. This tool, which developed specially for Firefox (supports portable version too), now works for Chrome, Skype and Thunderbird also.

SpeedyFox adding Firefox portable profile

If you run it, it automatically detects Firefox profile, you can add portable version profile for optimization by clicking on SpeedyFox menu and selecting ‘Add custom profile’.

SpeedyFox 2.0 Optimizes Chrome, Skype and Thunderbird Profiles for Better Speed

Now browse for the portable profile, you should navigate to this unless it installed on a different drive on your hard drive: ‘F:\Firefox portable\data\profile’, once selected, click ‘Add’ and click on ‘Optimize’ button, – you may want to uncheck other browser profiles which you may not want the tool to run on.

Similarly, you can optimize Chrome Portable as well.

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