Generate detailed information about the services running on your computer. Folks at BleepingComputer have created a batch file to get a list of services installed on your computer for troubleshooting purposes. From the generated report, you can able to review, which services running on your computer and they’re malware-related or legit ones.

Download getservices zip file, extract the files in it to a folder in C drive and double click on the getservice.bat file to run – make sure, you’re running your computer as an administrator, otherwise, you have to right click on that file and need to select run as administrator-  a notepad will open with a name getservices which displays comprehensive information about services.

Windows services list

Set Windows Services to Default Startup

Have you found the program useful? Do you keep an eye on the services that are running on Windows? Do let us know in the comments.

Download GetServices | 128 KB