PC Decrapifier 3.0 final version has been released and available for download. The UI has been changed and the program has been completely rewritten. To use it, download and run it, click ‘Analyze’ button, give it a few minutes to offer recommendations for the programs to remove, when the analysis completes, it displays three tabs- Recommended, Questionable and Everything else -to clean up your PC.

PC Decrapifier 3.0

Recommended tab shows popular items to be removed by many users, questionable warns the user to remove the programs shown by it with caution, Everything Else doesn’t recommend to remove the programs displayed in its tab.

PC Decrapifier: Easily Remove Preinstalled Software from New Branded PCs

PC Decrapifier 3.0 interface

When you select a program to remove or a startup service to disable, you can review them on the next screen. Before removal, a restore point will be automatically created. When compared with the previous version 2.3 or earlier, it doesn’t ask any questions to the user like he/she is  using a new PC or not?

System requirements:

Works on Windows 7/8 & Windows 8.1.

Requires Internet Explorer 9 or  above to be installed on your computer to work.

This program works online only.

We’ve not found the new version of PC Decrapifier much useful on our older PC,  it may work well on brand new PCs that come with trial ware? What’s your take on this version? Let us know in the comments.

Download PC Decrapifier 3.0.0 |  1.90 MB