AVG PC TuneUp is not a free program, after installing and using it for the trial period if you want to uninstall it, follow the steps mentioned in the article. We’ve got you covered even when you can’t uninstall it, you can remove it with the help of official a tool offered by AVG.

How to Uninstall AVG PC TuneUp Via Control Panel

1. Open Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features

2. Select AVG PC TuneUP, click Uninstall and follow the instructions.

3.  PC TuneUp will be uninstalled successfully.

AVG Browser Configuration Tool Removes AVG Secure Search, AVG Toolbar and Restores Browser default Settings

AVG Remover updated to remove AVG PC TuneUp

UPDATE: AVG is no longer offering AVG PC TuneUp & TuneUp Utilities Remover on its website, instead, the company has updated AVG Remover with the support to remove PC TuneUP. So if you’ve trouble in Uninstalling AVG PC TuneUP, you’ve to download and run AVG Remover and follow the instructions on the screen after that.

Download AVG Remover