Yahoo has added the most user requested feature to their email, inline images: Yahoo Mail now lets you insert an image into the body of a message by dragging and dropping one from your computer or you can paste an image from your clipboard also.

"Today in Yahoo Mail, we added the ability to include images within the body of your message. A simple but effective feature users have requested. " Mayukh Bhaowal, Yahoo’s Senior product manager said in a post.

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Once inserted, click on anywhere over the image to get close and ‘Expand/shrink image’ buttons. You can add animated GIFs as well. 

Yahoo Mail with an image inside a message

" There are two sizes you can choose from when adding an image, optimized for viewing across  different browsers and devices. And … it supports animated gifs as well! These images are just like your regular attachments but inline in the message." he added.

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