Yahoo has added News Feed for their email users in the U.S, which allows users to access the news from different categories without leaving the Yahoo Mail.

“Today, we’re excited to launch the personalized, real-time news feed with news summaries in the desktop mail experience, so you can catch up on current events and news stories that matter to you.”  Yahoo said in its blog.

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Note:  To disable the News Feed  in Yahoo Mail, scroll down to the bottom and read the latest update.

How to read News in the Yahoo Mail?

To get started, sign in to your Ymail, click on the ‘News’ icon on the top left corner or of the page, you can see the summary view of the news stories, click on any article to launch the summary- summaries are powered by recently acquired Summly- clicking on the ‘Read More’ link at the end of summary takes you to the original story page.

You can able to send a news article to your inbox by clicking on the ‘Mail ‘icon on the right side of its summary view.

news stream with summaries Yahoo Mail

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“In the news stream, you’ll be able to read the top stories across different categories, with summary view to help you digest news stories faster. These summaries are enabled by the technology from Summly, a company that Yahoo acquired last year.”

Update December 16, 2014: How to disable the News Feed (working instructions)

1. Install Adblock Plus from the Web Store in Chrome browser

2. Right click on the ABP icon in the toolbar and select ‘Options’

3. On its options page, click on ‘Add your filters’, copy and paste the below one before the ‘Add filter’ and click on ‘Add filter (check the screenshot below).

Adblock plus add filter

4. Reload the Yahoo Mail tab or page in the browser, done.

Thanks to Doug and the blocking element using ABP is also working fine.

For Opera

Since Opera is now Chromium-based, you can follow the above procedure for it also.

For Firefox

1. First, copy to the clipboard, Menu > Add-ons > Click ‘Options’ for Adblock Plus

2.  Click on Filter Preferences > Custom Filters, click on ‘Add filter group’, with new filter group selected, on the right pane right click on the ‘Selected group is empty’ and select ‘paste’ and tick the check box to enable it (check the screenshot below).

3. Close the dialog window, now sign into Yahoo Mail, Yes, you won’t see the News feed icon.

ABP custom filter

Don’t forget to post a comment here about the News feed as Yahoo gets the feedback about the feature and they may make changes accordingly in the future.

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Update December 17: Hooray! Yahoo is working on an option to get rid of the News Feed notification, it’s product support employee has responded here : “Thank you very much for your feedback! We’re working on a feature to allow you to remove this, if you’d like. Please stay tuned!”.

Real-time and personalized news for you right in the Yahoo Mail, do you like it? Let us know in the comments.