Opera 26 with version number 26.0.1656.24 was already available for you in the last month November, but all the new features except the Print Preview  were not enabled that time, today, Opera desktop team has officially announced and released Opera 26 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

What’s new in Opera 26

  1. Bookmark Sharing: When you open the Bookmark Manager using Ctrl+Shift+B on Windows, you’ll see the share button, which lets you share bookmarks with your friends online.
  2. Import bookmarks from older browsers: Select Settings from the menu, under Default Browser click on ‘Import bookmarks and Settings’, choose the browser from which to export and click on ‘Import’, done.

Opera 26 includes a built-in Print Previewer for Pages

Opera 26.0.1656.32

3. DuckDuckGo Search engine has been added, you can make it or other one default. For that,  right click on the address bar and select ‘Edit Search Engines’.

4. Stable version of Opera for Linux, Opera desktop team has written a separate FAQ post on that, you can read it here.

Note: Bookmark Sync isn’t available, you can enable it by visiting this page opera://flags/#synch.

For more details, read Opera Developer Update Adds DuckDuckGo Search Engine, Removes Bing

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