Ymail is now nagging the Chrome users to install the Yahoo Extension (check the screenshot below), this extension claims to “optimize your Yahoo browsing experience by setting your new tab page and search provider to Yahoo.” If you’ve added it accidentally, you can remove or uninstall it by visiting Chrome://extensions page.

It’s good for the affected users, they’ll be alerted by Chrome about this with a notification “is this the search page you were expecting” and offers options within it to restore the settings or keep the changes.

Yahoo Extension install prompt in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Extension

After installing this extension, whenever you open a new tab- Home page will be also set to Yahoo as well-  Yahoo homepage will open instead of the NTP, which you’re accustomed to seeing with the Google logo, search box and recently visited pages.

When you search from the omnibox, search results will be shown by Yahoo but not by the default search engine you’ve set in the browser. When you visit Settings, it shows Yahoo extension is controlling the search and News Tab Page settings and allows you in disabling the extension.

Chrome settings page

How to Uninstall or Remove Yahoo Toolbar from Chrome

Removing Yahoo Extension from Chrome browser

1. Click on Menu >  More Tools > Extensions

2. Hover the pointer over the trash icon opposite to Yahoo Extension and click on it. Default New Tab Page and the search provider will be restored without the need to restart the browser.

Yahoo Extension link on Chrome Web Store

If you’re a Yahoo user, know this: all the features that extension is claiming to offer -check them below- are available for access when you visit the Yahoo homepage in any browser, not just Chrome. It’s just a ploy to change your search provider and homepage to theirs.

  • Discover breaking news and top stories chosen for you
  • Get real-time updates on local weather, sport scores, stock quotes, and more
  • Search with Yahoo to find what you’re looking for in a snap
  • Access your Yahoo Mail and see new message alerts