Those who’ve upgraded to or using Windows 10 Preview build number 9879 are  experiencing frequent crashes with the Explorer, Microsoft has released a fix KB3020114 to address this, users can install this update through Windows Update, but some are not able to as it fails to install with the error code 80070005.

Microsoft is still working on a fix for this, meanwhile company’s spokesperson Garbriel aul suggested a workaround.

Fixing KB3020114 update install issue in Windows 10

1. Restart your computer

2. Open Command prompt as an Administrator and run the command : compact /u /exe /s:%windir%\winsxs\filemaps

3. Now quickly run Windows Update > Check for updates

4. Install KB3020114 update, restart your PC when prompted.

How to Overcome Windows 10 Installation Failures or Errors?

update KB3020114

“”The issue with the KB302114 install is happening because something is affecting the temp files as the installer is extracting them. It is very possible that this is a filesystem issue related to the DFS fix, but also could be related to system file compression.”

According to Microsoft, 10% of the users are not able to install this update and most of them are using SSD drives.

” Our data indicates that ~10% of people are hitting an issue, and it seems like most are using SSD drives. I would be very curious to hear if anyone is hitting this on a normal rotational drive or if you’re all using SSDs.”

P.S. I’ve installed this update successfully without any issues on my regular hard drive.

Are you affected? Are you using  an SSD or a regular hard drive? Has the workaround worked for you? Let us know in the comments.

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