Recently Dropbox 3.0 version has been released, a new 3.1 series experimental build is available and has added ‘open from web’ feature. With this feature, lets you open a file on your computer from its web interface.

Dropbox’s Open from the Web feature

To get started, install this build, visit Dropbox website in the browser (works with current Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer versions) and sign into it, try to preview a word document that was already synced to your Dropbox folder, you will see an ‘open’ button instead of ‘download’ (check the screenshot below). Clicking on it will open the file locally on your computer with the associated application.

open button for office document in Preview on

Dropbox offers Share button for their web interface

" When previewing a file on such as a Word document you should see an Open button instead of a Download button if you’ve installed this experimental desktop client and have the file locally synced. Depending on the file extension, clicking the Open button will open the application on your computer associated with that file extension or open your OS’s file browser to the containing folder. "

What’s new in Dropbox 3.1 series

  • Open from web: locally open a file on your computer from
  • OS X – Support for auto-discovered and auto-configured network proxies
  • Windows – New implementation of our File Explorer shell extension
  • Norwegian language support
  • Connection sharing for lower latency

Dropbox now offering the option to disable ‘Move to Dropbox’ Context Menu Item

What’s your take on the new feature? Let us know your opinions in the comments.