Google Chrome, if finds any of its browser settings such as New Tab Page or Search provider being changed by a program on your computer, then it shows a notification to alert the user to use Software removal tool to remove it (check the screenshot below).

Here is that notification: ‘Chrome behaving strangely? Chrome detected that your browser settings may have been changed by a program on your computer without your knowledge. You can use Google’s software removal tool to remove that program’.

Chrome behaving strangely get software removal tool notification

When you run Software Removal tool (SRT) after downloading it, it detects the programs that cause trouble to Chrome and lets you remove them if found, after that, the tool launches Chrome and asks to reset the Settings. If Google SRT has found any suspicious programs, then you should consider doing it.

Con: SRT doesn’t tell the name of the program and its location it detected on your computer.

Download Software Removal Tool for Windows