Avast antivirus continues to trouble its users, to the latest, Windows 8.1’s, after installing the November update. It’s not a good time to be an Avast user: HTTPS Scanning module caused a few issues to Firefox, followed by that of Browser Cleanup tool.

Now Avast users who installed November 2014 update KB300850 on Windows 8.1 PCs  experiencing some issues like they cannot shut down the computer, not able to open Control Panel items and some programs, system goes unresponsive, etc.. If user uninstalls Avast, system works fine.

Avast 2015 SP1 makes new option as default in Program Update Settings

Avast and Windows  8.1 November update Issue

Avast is aware of the issue, and they’ve delivered a patch via an Emergency Update. Avast team member told the reason for the issue in the thread users reported: "We have been able to simulate the problem in our lab and I think we fixed this issue. This Windows updates calls new memory related functions which are not fully compatible with avast".

aswSnx.sys file version information

Why Avast added Emergency Update to Startup?

To verify the patch been installed for Avast 2015 on your computer, navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\folder and ensure aswsnx.sys file with the description avast virtualization driver has the version number 10.0.2208.722. For that, right click on that system file, select Properties > Details, check the above screenshot.

Windows 8 Showing Black Screen Due to Avast [Fix]

Avast users, hard time for you, are you switching to another antivirus or sticking with the same? Let us know in the comments.