Turn on experimental tracking protection in Nighty. Yesterday, Mozilla has released Firefox 33.1 and announced a new Privacy initiative called Polaris, “Polaris is a Mozilla initiative in partnership with like-minded online privacy organizations. Our mission is to accelerate practical advances in privacy technology for the Web, giving users more control, awareness, and protection in their online experiences.”.

Currently, Mozilla is working on two projects under Polaris, they’re: Tracking protection and Tor Project support.

Enable Tracking Protection by opting in to Polaris

Tracking Protection blocks HTTP loads at the network level, when the resources are blocked page loading speed improved by 20%. So tracking protection contributes to faster page loads in the browser.

In Nightly, visit about:config, find and set browser.polaris.enabled value to true, restart the browser.

Tracking protection is enabled (you can see it in the Options of Privacy tab) means Firefox even blocks sites from tracking that don’t respect Do Not Track. First blocklist for this feature has been powered by Disconnect‘s.

With TP enabled, you can see a shield whenever network loads or mixed content is blocked, you can able to disable tracking protection for a particular site by clicking on the door hanger icon and selecting ‘Disable protection for this site’ under ‘Options’ (check the screenshot below).

Tracking Protection Shield and options

To see the resources that are blocked, look for messages under ‘Security’ tab in ‘Web Console’ (Ctrl+Shift +k  -Windows), check the screenshot below.

blocked resources web console

To disable tracking protection in Firefox, visit about:config and turn browser.polaris.enabled preference value to ‘false’.

For more details on Polaris, visit this page.

Note: Multirocess Nightly doesn’t yet support tracking protection, so you need to disable e10s before enabling tracking protection.