On celebrating ten years of Firefox, Mozilla has released Firefox 33.1, Firefox developer edition and introduces Polaris, a privacy initiative to accelerate user-focused privacy online. 

What’s new in Firefox 33.1

Firefox v33.1 has been released specially to the release channel, open the Help menu and select ‘About Firefox’, a small update will be downloaded and installed after restarting the browser.

The search engine which doesn’t track you has been added, when you click the dropdown menu in the search bar, you can see DuckDuckGo as a search engine option after Amazon in the list (check the screenshot below), you can make it as a default.

DuckDuckGo search option

Forget feature allows to clear browser history after a specified time frame. To use that, click on Menu and customize, drag and drop Forget button onto the toolbar, you need to do this only once- don’t need when you upgrade from v33.0.3, as the update automatically adds the button to the toolbar-  once done, exit the Customize window.

Forget button on the toolbar

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Forget button offers the options to clean the browsing history for the last five minutes,  two hours and 24 hours. If you forgot to open Private browsing window in Firefox browser, Mozilla says, then forget button could be useful.

Mozilla has added Tiles to Firefox New Tab Page, you can see Enhanced Tiles and directory tiles. Directory tiles show some content from Mozilla and Mozilla partners to the new users. Sites shown from Mozilla partners are clearly labeled as Sponsored, users can delete these. Over the time, directory tiles will be replaced by History tiles. You can read more information about tiles here.

What’s your take on Forget and DuckDuckGo search engine addition? Have you found these features useful? Let us know in the comments.

Download Firefox 33.1 for Windows 

Release notes