Mozilla has been working on an experimental feature and they’ve released an experimental beta version of it in the form of an add-on available in AMO with the name ‘Firefox Internet Dashboard’. The goal of this is to “see how people consume the Web and try and classify it “.

Firefox Interest Dashboard

“Firefox Interest Dashboard is about you – your curiosities, your research, your pursuits. The Interest Dashboard will help you analyze your interests and categorize them for you in rich visualizations and compelling story-lines” add-on page says.

Note: For this add-on to show your complete Interest profile Firefox browser needs 30 days of browsing history.


Firefox Interest Dashboard

From the screenshot above, you can see, based on your browsing history ID displays data or stats such as Top Interest Score,  Top Ranking, Sites visited per day , Time Spent Per day , Most visited sites, and Intensity per-category wise.

What Information Health Report Shows for Firefox?

If you read this add-on’s privacy policy, you know the other side of the extension: ” Data Sharing and Retention. While you have the Add-on installed, your Interest data may be shared with publishers and content recommendation and discovery partners participating in this Add-on so such partners may return to you recommendations and content based on your Interests. These partners will not have access to your Interest data if you uninstall the Add-on.”

Download Firefox Interest Dashboard

You can read more information about this add-on on the Mozilla blog.

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