While Chrome is running, if you right click on it in the taskbar, you can see ‘Most visited’ sites, ‘Recently closed’ tabs and ‘Tasks’ in the jump list, which majority of users don’t use, since Chrome Mac and Linux versions have a fast profile switcher in the OS menu bar, Chromium team wants to have one in the Windows taskbar as well for Canary, that’s why Google has replaced most visited items with a list of profiles.

Fast User Switch, Fast Switch User from Windows 7 Taskbar

Since Windows doesn’t allow more than 10 items in a jump list, ‘Most visited’ has been replaced with ‘People’ (check the screenshot below).

Chrome taskbar most visited jumplistCanary taskbar people profiles

Note: This is just an experiment, this feature may or may not ported to the stable channel of Chrome, check this bug for more information.

Chrome offers User Menu to Switch Users, Access Incognito and enter Guest Mode

What’s your take on this change? Do you actually use this jump list to access or switch to your profile? Let us know in the comments.