Automattic has released 3.0.3 version for their Spam blocking plugin for WordPress, Akismet. What’s new : "This update fixes a bug that could have prevented old spam comments from being deleted, and it gives you more control over how Akismet deletes old spam comments"

Automattic has removed the Check for Spam button in the Spam folder, this button could be useful to find genuine comments, if any, you’ve accidentally marked as Spam or mistakenly flagged by the plugin. After upgrading to this version, you need to manually find legit comments in the Spam folder, hell of a job.

Akismet plugin No check for Spam button

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Other changes Akismet 3.0.3 version includes are:

  • Added a filter to disable logging of Akismet debugging information.
  • Added a filter for the maximum comment age when deleting old spam comments.
  • Added a filter for the number per batch when deleting old spam comments.

Akismet Plugin Page in WordPress

Source: Akismet blog

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