In Windows 10 , when you open File Explorer, by default it shows ‘Favorites‘, Frequent Folders, and Recent Files. If you don’t want to see them in File Explorer, you can easily hide them, here is how.


Hiding Favorites, Frequent Folders, and Recent Files in File Explorer on Windows 10

1. Open File Explorer using Win+E (or click on start and click on File Explorer), click View, click on Options

2. In the Folder Options dialog window, Under General, choose This PC for Open File Explorer to:

Folder Options General

Select This PC

3. Click on OK to apply the changes.

Now when you open File Explorer from the taskbar or by pressing Win +E, you won’t see Frequent folders, instead regularly used Folders and Devices and Drives groups appear.

Note: This post Set File Explorer in Windows 10 to open ‘This PC’ as default Folder instead of Quick Access written with different perspective offers the same option as well.

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