Sumatra PDF, a lightweight PDF Reader for Windows which till now, lets you open and view multiple PDF documents in multiple windows has got an update, Sumatra PDF 3.0 has been released with ‘Tabs‘ enabled by default, the developer has discontinued the plugins for the browsers. 

Sumatra PDF Reader now available with tabs

If you don’t want tabs, you can revert back to the old UI of Sumatra PDF without tabs by unchecking ‘ Use tabs’ under Advanced in ‘Options’. This version now lets you save comic books as PDF files. New Document measurement UI has been added, use ‘m’ hotkey to start it. The background color in the PDF Reader has been changed to ‘gray’ from ‘yellow’.

multiple PDF documents opened in tabs in Sumatra PDF

Download Sumatra PDF 3

Version History of Sumatra PDF 3.0

Tabs, one more reason to use Sumatra PDF, what do you say?