Opera 25 final has been released two days back, we’re still on the version 26 in developer stream, yet another update for Opera developer has been released and available for download. This update offers new features such as Tab Menu, Print Preview for pages and has added import default browser data option to the installer.

Tab list menu

Tab Menu shows a list of all tabs opened in the current window, you can use the shortcut ‘Ctrl+K’ on Windows to access it.

tab menu in opera

You can now preview pages before printing in Opera, use ‘Ctrl+P’ shortcut or select ‘Print’ from Opera Menu for the Print Preview dialog to open. Currently, Opera’s built-in Print Previewer doesn’t offer print selection aka ‘Selection only’ option. 

Chrome Print Preview dialog gets Print Selection Option

Like in Chrome, Opera’s Print Preview dialog offers the option’ Save PDF’ to convert page(s) as PDF.

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A few months back, with the developer stream, Opera has added silent data import from the default browser after its first run, after the feedback or criticism, they’ve now added this as  option to the installer. You can see this in the installer dialog window (checked by default) when you click on ‘Options’ as ‘import bookmark and data from the default browser’.

Import bookmarks and settings

You can now import bookmarks and settings from within Opera, from an HTML file or another browser like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera 12.x. To do this, from Opera Menu > More tools >  Import bookmarks and settings.

Download Opera 26.0.1655.0