The Opera desktop team has released an update for Opera 26 developer, it has added most requested bookmark syncing feature. After installing this update, click on the account icon on right of Address bar and sign into your Opera account to start syncing bookmarks between the computers. If you don’t have an Opera account, sign up for a one over here.

Fix Chrome’s ‘Oops, Sync has stopped working’ error

Opera developer with Bookmark Syncing

After signing into your account, Opera bookmarks will be synchronized and available for access on other devices when you sign into your Opera account. When you sign out of the account, ‘ a dialog appears and says ‘synced data will stay locally on this computer’.

Bookmark syncing  requires an Opera account

Note: You can disable sync if you want by visiting opera://flags/#synch and choosing ‘Disabled’ from the drop down, restart the browser for the changes to take effect.

You can download this Opera developer update for Windows, Mac and Linux from here.

Happy bookmark syncing in Opera.