Opera 25 final version has been released for Windows and Mac and available for download with visual bookmarks. You can click on ‘Heart’ icon to bookmark a page, all bookmarked pages appears in the bookmark manager, you can organize them in folders, edit titles.. Check this video (Opera visual bookmarks, My way to organize the web). There are more new features, find out them below.

Chromium-based Opera stores synced data on Opera Servers, but not on Google

Opera 25 final, what’s new

1. With this version, Opera on Mac is a 64-bit browser now. And 32-bit plug-ins like Silverlight doesn’t work, which may affect the use of Silverlight-based application like Netflix.

Opera 25 visual bookmarks

2. New start page: Open the speed dial and click on ‘Try out the new start page’, you can go back to old one whenever you want by clicking on the option provided at the bottom right corner of the page.

3. Supports Web Notifications, H.264 an MP3.

Opera 26 developer update adds Bookmark Syncing Feature

4. New redesigned network installer makes downloading and install of Opera a single process.

5. Built-in PDF Viewer plugin based on Chromium’s PDFium displays PDF document contents in the browser without need to install any plugins.

Opera integrates Chrome PDF Viewer into the developer Stream

Note: If you’ve installed any third-party PDF Reader plugin in the browser, disable it for the PDF Viewer to work. To disable this Opera PDF Viewer, you need to visit about:plugins page and disable ‘Chrome PDF Viewer’.

6. A new ‘Gaming’ category has been added in Discovery.

7. Experimental Bookmarks sharing is available to play, visit about:flags, find ‘Bookmarks sharing’ flag, select ‘enabled’ and restart the browser. You can see the ‘share’ button in the bookmark manger.

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Note: Opera 25 for Linux is still in beta version.

Download Opera 25

Download Opera 25 for Windows

Download Opera 25 for Mac

Download Opera 25 beta for Linux 

Source: Opera  desktop team blog.