Experimental WebRTC feature in Mozilla browser, which lets you make free audio and video calls without installing any plugins or software or creating an account is now available in Firefox Beta on Windows, Linux and Mac as ‘Firefox Hello’ for testing.

Using Firefox Hello

Guest Mode

To get started, download the Firefox beta, open it, click on ‘Chat bubble’ icon and copy the generated callback link (click on ‘Copy’ button) and share with your friends via email or any instant messaging program to let them know you’re available for talking. Once they click on the link, the callback begins.

Firefox Hello WebRTC make and receive calls

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Note:  ‘Email’ button in the window opens the default email program for sharing the link, if you’re using outlook or Thunderbird, it will be useful for you. If not, it’s better to copy the link and know your friends about it.

Firefox account benefits

For your convenience, sign up for a Firefox account, you won’t regret and you’ll have the benefits with it in Firefox Hello after signing in like "easier one-click calling from Firefox. After signing in, you can initiate or receive direct calls with other Firefox Account users, without having to share a callback link first. You can sign into your Firefox Account on every computer you use, so you can be reached at home or at work"

Note: Firefox account users can still able to make calls in Guest mode when they signed out of their accounts.

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Managing contacts

"You can add contacts to your address book manually or import contacts from your Google account to Firefox Hello. Simply select ‘Import Contacts’ from the address book and then sign into your Google account to give permission. If your contacts have a Firefox Account and are online, then you can call these contacts directly from Firefox."

Controlling call notifications

If you don’t want to receive any call notifications, click on the status menu at the bottom of the window and change ‘available’ to ‘Do not Disturb’.

Firefox Hello requirements:

To use Hello feature, you need to be using a WebRTC-enable browser like Chrome, Opera or Firefox Beta, a microphone, and a Webcam.

Curious to see how many people will actually use this feature and say goodbye to Skype or other software/plugin based video calling.

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You can know more information about experimental Firefox Hello on Mozilla blog and this dedicated help page.

Firefox users, what’s your take on this? Have you found it easy to use? Share what improvements and which new features you like to see in it in future when it ports to Firefox stable.