Mozilla has introduced the Reset button for Firefox with version 13 which restores the browser to the factory default state. When you visit about:support or Troubleshooting information page, Firefox shows a ‘Reset Firefox’ button in the top right corner with a brief description of what you achieve with that, this has been changed to ‘Give Firefox a tune up Refresh Firefox‘, you can see this in latest Firefox 36 nightly (check the screenshot below).

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Reset Firefox is now Refresh Firefox

When you click on ‘Refresh Nightly’, a Refresh Firefox dialog appears and says

Start fresh to fix problems and restore performance. This will: Remove your add-ons and customizations. Restore your browser settings to their defaults. ”

Refresh Firefox button and dialog

Update: You can now see this change in Firefox 35 beta, and soon in stable also.

Do you think Refresh Firefox is an appropriate name over Reset Firefox? Share your opinions with us in the comments.