Which version of Java are you using on your computer? If you’re not using Java, no problem, if you’re, then know this: Java 8 is now available on java.com for download as default Java runtime for end users. FYI, Java 8 has been made available for public use on March 2014.

Oracle Releases Java 8 by including Ask Toolbar again

Download Java 8 from Java.com website

Oracle to end support for Java 7 in April 2015, means no updates will be released for public there after. All Java 7 users will be migrated to Java 8 with the automatic update feature during the first quarter of 2015. 

Caution: Make sure to uncheck the install of ‘Search app by Ask’ offer during the installation.

Download Java 8 Update 25 (online install) 

Download Java 8 Update 25 (offline method) [Windows/Mac/Linux]