Popular The Great Suspender extension for Chrome claims to reduce memory footprint of the browser (you know how effective it is in doing that when you  actually use it) lets you manually suspend all tabs or tabs can be auto-suspended after a specified period of time (you’ll find the setting to configure in Extension options).

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Uninstall Great Suspender Chrome Extension without losing Suspended tabs

The problem users face with this extension is when they uninstall it, they lose all suspended tabs, let us see how to avoid that.

Know this: once the tabs are suspended they’re part of the extension process, when you uninstall TGS extension, they will also be removed, then you’ve to recover them from the browsing history, that can be a daunting task.

First things first, before removing the Great Suspender extension, click on its icon on the toolbar and select ‘Unsuspend All Tabs’.

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