With the start screen in Windows 8, it was never easy to shutdown or restart the computer, now in Windows 10, if you’re using a desktop PC, there won’t be a start screen and Microsoft has added shut down, restart and sleep options on top of start the menu under ‘Power Options’ button.

Note: This post has been updated on July 30, 2015

Shutting down or restarting Windows 10 from the Start Menu

1. Click on start button to open the Start Menu

2. Click on ‘Power’ button to see Sleep, Shut down and Restart options.

Power Options in the Windows 10 Start Menu

Here is the Start Menu in Windows 10 v 1607 (Anniversary Update)


Faster Ways for Windows 8 Shutdown or Restart

3. Easy, isn’t it?

Note: If Windows has already downloaded any updates for you, then, Shutdown and Restart buttons will be changed to ‘Update and Shut down’ and ‘Update and Restart’.

Other ways of doing it:

You can right click on the start button and access the Quick menu (also known as Win x Menu in Windows 8), which lets you not only shut down or restart Windows 10, but also lets you access other system tools too.

If no windows are open, you can use ‘Alt +F4’ to bring up the shutdown dialog and select the action you want to perform.