Know how to get rid of installed McAfee Raptor from your computer. After downloading McAfee Stinger, when you perform a scan with it, after the restart or with every start of your computer, you can notice RaptorClient.exe process running in the Task Manager with the description ‘McAfee Raptor’ as well as its icon in the system tray.

Right clicking on the McAfee tray icon and selecting ‘remove RAPTOR’ or “Exit’ or ‘stop’ doesn’t impact RaptorClient installed files and its process behavior as it runs constantly. Let us see how to remove this.

McAfee RaptorClient.exe process

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McAfee Stinger now comes with Raptor

With version 12.1, McAfee has included Raptor (Beta) into the Stinger, as a result of this, when you run it, Raptor will be installed at the location ‘C:\Program Files\McAfee’. You can’t find uninstall entry for it in the Control Panel’s Programs and Features. Though the Raptor tray icon offers the remove option, on running, it is not removing the installed files of McAfee Raptor.

What is Raptor?

“RAPTOR is a real-time behavior detection technology that monitors suspicious activity and remediates suspect processes which exhibit malicious behavior ”

Removing McAfee Raptor or RaptorClient.exe

1. Open Task Manager, find and select RaptorClient.exe process and click on ‘End Process’

2. Now Navigate to ‘C:\Program Files\McAfee’ and delete the Raptor folder.

Though Stinger can be run without installing Raptor by adding –ePO at the end of Stinger executable, it’s also not working, let us hope future versions will solve this problem, we’ll let you know when that happens.

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