Its now possible to Mute multiple tabs in Chrome. Google has offered Canary and Dev channel users an experimental flag which lets you mute audio playing tabs, if you haven’t tested this feature yet, go ahead and visit this page in the browser and click ‘Enable’ button, restart the browser for the changes to apply.

Now after restart, you can mute any music playing tab by clicking on audio indicator, which turns to mute or you can also achieve that by selecting ‘Mute tab’ from that tab context menu.  To unmute a tab, you can click on the muted icon or right click on it and select ‘Unmute tab’.

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Muting multiple selected tabs at once in Chrome

Hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key, select the tabs which you want to mute, on reaching the last tab (don’t release the Ctrl button), right click on it and select ‘Mute tabs’ (check the screenshot below). You can similarly unmute tabs also.

mute tabs context menu Chrome

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Note: This feature is an experimental one, may/may not make to stable channel, cross your fingers and hope it might on one day.

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