Request an Invite to Google Inbox. Google is here with a new email service built on Gmail, its Inbox, currently it needs an invitation to join. "Inbox is a fresh start that goes beyond email to help you get back to what matters".

Remember categories introduced in Gmail, which groups similar email messages into one? With bundles, "Inbox expands upon the categories we introduced in Gmail last year, making it easy to deal with similar types of mail all at once", Sundar Pichai, SVP for Android, Chrome and apps said in a blog post.

How to Enable or disable Tabbed Inbox for Gmail

Getting an Invitation for Inbox by Gmail

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See order updates, flight status, reservation details, and pictures without having to open the message.

Inbox by Gmail homepage

Add reminders and Assists are there to help you for your to do list and emails: "Inbox helps you cross those off your list by providing Assists—handy pieces of information you may need to get the job done. For example, if you write a Reminder to call the hardware store, Inbox will supply the store’s phone number and tell you if it’s open".

Gmail’s New Inbox Organizes your emails into Tabs

" Assists work for your email, too. If you make a restaurant reservation online, Inbox adds a map to your confirmation email. Book a flight online, and Inbox gives a link to check-in."

See the Inbox that works for you video on YouTube.

Don’t want to be disturbed by emails and reminders? You can snooze them until a specified date and time in Inbox.

To get an invitation to Inbox, sign into your Gmail account and send an email to  -don’t worry about typing the subject and message- you’ll get a reply with confirmation immediately.

Gmail makes New Compose Experience Default for Everyone

For more information, read this Google blog post or visit Inbox Homepage.