Official Google Translate extension in Chrome Web Store has got an update, it now lets you translate selected text in a page (that’s not in your primary language), you either need to click on Translate icon or you can right click on the highlighted text and chose ‘Google Translate’ for that to happen. To translate the whole page, you need to click on the  Translate icon on the Chrome toolbar.

Google Translate for Google+ [Chrome Extension]

Google Translate Extension with pop-up translations

Google Translate extension offers the option to automatically display translation for the text highlighted in a popup. To enable this, visit extension options, for ‘Pop-up translations:’, select ‘Immediately display popup’ and click on ‘Save’ button.

Google Translate installed Chrome showing translation for the highlighted text in a popup

From now onwards, whenever you highlight a piece of text -that’s not in your language- translated text will be displayed in the same page.

Download Google Translate Extension from Chrome Web Store.

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