Avast Free Antivirus 2015 final version has been released and available for download with NG and other new features. To get to stable, it has passed three betas and three release candidates. Avast NG which requires hardware virtualization enabled CPU uses DeepScreen to analyze malware on your computer, according to Avast’s internal tests, NG has greatly improved Deep Screen (nearly 30%).

Avast Free Antivirus 2015

With NG installed on your computer, you can see it’s process AvastVBoxSVC.exe with description ‘Avast VirtualBox Interface’ running along with AvastSvc.exe and AvastUI.exe processes.

Avast Free Antivirus 2015 final UI

Read more about Home Network Security and Smart Scan features here.

For NG to function, your CPU must support hardware virtualization and it should be enabled, check in BIOS. An easier way to determine your CPU virtualizaion support status is: download Speccy portable, run it, click on ‘CPU’ in the left sidebar, check ‘virtualization’ parameter, it should be showing ‘supported, enabled’.

If NG was not installed on your computer, then Avast will back to the Classic Sandbox for analyzing malware.

Other new features

  • GrimeFighter Free removes junk files and tweak system settings (it’s a ploy for you to purchase a GrimeFighter Premium by offering two GrimeFighter Paid features in the free version).
  • HTTPS Scanning  protects you against viruses coming through HTTPS traffic, enabled by default, you can find this in Settings.
  • Home Network Security scans your network and router for threats and offers solutions if any found.
  • Smart Scan performs on-demand scans for viruses, outdated software, network threats and performance issues.

Tip: You can disable or turn off unnecessary Avast features like GrimeFighter, Secure VPN and  other by opening ‘Tools’ section in ‘Avast Settings’.

What are karma points?

Saw ‘0 karma’ on the Overview  page? Its a point reward system for Avast account users who do things inside Avast antivirus like perform scans, block viruses, visit my.avast.com etc. Avast may gift those users with free licenses for those points. 

Download Avast 2015 RTM ( 10.0.2205) (Avast Forum link)

What’s your take on Avast 2015 free version?